Schwarzes Cover mit goldener Schrift, Sanduhr und Mondphasen

New from 18.09.2022

A mysterious game, six participants and a love that could cost you the victory.

In a world forged of shadow and light, the Prince of Shadows invites you to a new round of his dangerous game. 16-year-old Elena participates in order to get her missing father back. Six games separate her from the fulfillment of her wish, but the other participants are all pursuing their own goals. Especially the aloof Alex. But why does he help Elena, even though they are competitors? Can she trust him or does he pose the greatest threat? In the end, feelings can be deceiving, but one thing is certain: there can only be one winner!

436 pages, to be published on September 18, 2022
ISBN 978-3957612250

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