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Books have been my constant companions since childhood. I love the power of a written word to seed images directly in my head. That is the true magic of books: a very own, individual image is created in the mind of every reader.

Eventually, the images in my head became so present that I started to capture them in words. True to my motto "Writing means sharing dreams", I dedicate myself full-time to creativity, because creating beautiful things that inspire others and bring them joy fulfills me.

A lot of heart and soul also goes into my German podcast Bücher & Sonntage (Books & Sundays) for which I have already interviewed some lovely guests such as Cornelia Funke, Sebastian Fitzek or Lars Amend. For the best possible listening experience, I have completed the voiceover training (audio book and commercial), as well as voice training (VC2 Sprechtechnik). If you would like to hire me as voice actor you will find all further information in the FAQs.


Julia in German media

Do you dream about becoming an author? Check this podcast clearing up some author clichés.

In the podcast "Magische Momente" (Magical Moments) I talk about the writing business and what my inner child has to do with my writing career.

In Zwischen den Worten (Between the Words), I talk to A.D. Wilk about my book translation with AI. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of translating with artificial intelligence and I reveal the steps required to turn the raw version into a professional translation.

I had an opportunity to moderate an author reading with Benedict Wells and ask him a few exciting questions, from which an interesting conversation developed. The video of the whole evening is available here.

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