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Bad Luck in Love - Julia Zieschang

New from 03.11.2023

Beware of falling in love with a Luck Bringer, for that will bring you bad luck.

16-year-old Darcy keeps her head down with her best friend, Neala, yet every day at school is a struggle for her. All thanks to some mean girls.

A crusade to set things right sprinkled with a little bit of luck brings her to a jobless Luck Bringer who needs to make four people happy to get his luck license and magic back.

Fuelled by her humiliation at school, Darcy is adamant to pursue her own little vendetta and offers to help the Luck Bringer in return for a magical shamrock that will grant her her heart’s wish.

A race against time begins as the two attend the opera, dine at fancy restaurants, indulge in delectable desserts, meddle in private matters, and break St. Patrick’s number one rule.

If you too want to be charmed and enchanted, but not by a fairy tale, take a journey with Darcy and her Luck Bringer through Europe and indulge in their sweet YA romance.

388 pages, to be published on November 03, 2023
ISBN 979-8398723199

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